Exposed to the Light of Day

Unearthing the Blue Rascal from its winter shelter …


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My God, It’s Still There

Exercising my visiting privileges, I engaged with the Blue Rascal today.  All fluids and readings look good, and I considered doing a needed underhood cleanup and detailing.  Kept out of the rain today, though.20170315-D61_1716-Edit 20170315-D61_1723



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Atomic Blonde

This, in the Atomic Blonde trailer …


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Herman sends along this capture …


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Kevin and I visited the Blue Rascal today (and checked out his 951 and his BMW 320i project, too).  After sitting too long in cold storage during the last several weeks of untimely low temps and much snow, the thing started fairly easily, ran strong and bit into the corners during a good warmup cruise and checkout.  Weather is warming now, and the streets are mostly clear, although we ran into a bit of rain.20170304-DSCN2095-Edit

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Avoidable Contact: Food for Thought

gallery-1485540669-air-cooled-911Stuff like this helps remind me of some of my original reasons I bought my 944 at the bottom of the market …

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991 GT3 RS

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The Arizona Desert, 1968

Some rediscovered photographs from a Los Angeles-to-Phoenix rip across the desert in August heat, foot to the floor.    In those days you could (or perhaps I was just lucky) run the desert pretty much flat out.  Never overheated.  Except for self.

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Cruising the California Coast With the Pumpkin

A few more discoveries from 1969’s forgotten photographic discards of my long-estranged ’66 911.

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Magnus’ Modded 964

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