You Need a Porsche 944

Jalopnik tells us why.

Jalopnik photo

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Shimmer Lake

Last night I watched a new Netflix release, the Fargo-esque (Coen Brothers-inspired?) movie, “Shimmer Lake”, a backwards-evolving, dark comedy police/crime thing.  And it happened to give us a glimpse of this 944 Cab …

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Sunny Day at the Wildlife Refuge

Including an inadvertent image made when placing the camera in the passenger seat …

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Happiness Is …

Herman sez: “It takes so little to make a car guy happy.”

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Exclusive Series

Or is it the Excessive Series?  Here’s one of many pieces on this vehicle, this one from Autoweek.

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Highway 341

This is the model I think I would want … and then start driving around the USA.

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Bikes, Going Fast

I don’t know jack about bikes.  But I have friends, like Kevin who rides a BMW in addition to his 951, and Jamesa, who can talk the subject for hours about what he has ridden and what he watches.  This story on the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is pretty interesting.  Some nice video included.

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Test This Today

This is a test, while talking to Erik; so far, so good:

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CJ at Spokane

C.J. attends this weekend’s Festival of Speed at Spokane, WA.  His 944’s new Idaho plates look sharp.  He sends many videos and stills, and we await more descriptions of his adventures.

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Learning to Race with Jim Russell

BaT ( brings us a circa 1959 piece on the Jim Russell Racing School, the school I attended in 1967 at Jim Russell’s training sessions at California’s then-named Willow Springs Raceway. (Btw, I didn’t stick with it; I decided that I was only middle-of-the-pack material.)


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