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Progress Notes

4 Oct 2022

Following a battery charge and jump, it took a push start to get the motor running. Not surprising seeing as it was dropped off on 10 June.

Initial disassembly and sanding commences.

30 minute video call discussing needed parts and questioning how to remove the front badge.

Chat from Jim to Britt:

Since the 944 emplem doesn’t go back on until after cured paint, I’m going to hold off ordering it knowing that there’ll be other stuff that will be needed from Pelican Parts. Once it goes over $100 it’s free shipping. I’ll get the tail light gaskets into the mail tomorrow. Need door handle & mirror base gaskets too I’ll bet.

Parts order placed:

306236013_777536890022857_3889513096218556150_n.png ¬299099685_493549219326873_512094917840726516_n.png ¬306209743_514347456710447_4388945414050313520_n.png ¬

(Videos to be published)

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