POV Screen Grabs

One of the cameras that I carry just about everywhere is a compact Nikon that I often hang off my seatbelt (via Peak Design Capture Clip … will try to cover that on my photography blog) so that it is instantly available.  However, the controls are a little catch-as-catch can, and it is easy when in movie mode not to clearly know whether it is running or paused without looking directly at the LCD.  On Father’s Day 2014  morning, I arose at 4:30 to try to catch a sunrise.  Didn’t really work out, but I did have a chance to run the Blue Rascal over one of my favorite foothill roads.  When I returned home, I found that movie record mode had been engaged, leaving me with some rather random and sloppy footage.  Here are some salvage point-of-view screen captures that I pulled from the chaos.

Guess it is time to get serious with a GoPro, or at least a proper mounting scenario.

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