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Porsche’s First

 See the story on this 1898 electric Porsche.

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I Like Porsches, But …

When I was attending college some years ago, a classmate was visited by his parents one weekend and he was seen driving around their brand new car.   I looked over this automobile carefully in the parking lot,  and its … Continue reading

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Our family and some of our friends have become somewhat caught up in the Oscar season feeding frenzy in which we try to see the nominees before awards are given.  I finally got around this last weekend to watching Rush, … Continue reading

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Thomas Aquinas, Dan Neil and the Porsche 911 Turbo

A number of years ago, my brother (himself formerly a university creative writing instructor) told me about his favorite contemporary automotive writer, Dan Neil, then working for the Los Angeles Times.  At some point, Neil was drafted by the Wall … Continue reading

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The Real Attention-Getter

Co-worker and former 944 owner Maury passes along this image, attributed to

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Blue Rascal Deceit

Didn’t get to address the (much needed) bodywork today, so after the heavy rains subsided, daughter Ivi and I decided to go driving.  (Might be her last chance to drive the thing before leaving for Africa.)  We decided that we … Continue reading

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Lions and tigers and bears– and Dakar trucks, oh my!

The real craziness starts at about 1:30 … US – Stage 3 – Truck/Quad – Stage Summary… by Dakar See much more on the Dakar site.

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BaT Strikes Again

Bring A Trailer, undoubtedly for many of us, is a favorite web destination.  The BaT ( site, whether you are a collector or just a window shopper, is always entertaining and frequently educational.  And if you don’t read the community … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Covet

Breaking one of the Ten Commandments here …  See more on this spectacular website-devoted-to-a-garage.  (P.S. Don’t miss the Willow Springs Raceway video clips — that’s where I first tried to learn to drive.)

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Formula E

The Spark-Renault SRT_01E, a fully electric race car, is demonstrated at Las Vegas in anticipation of the upcoming (and quiet?) Formula E racing series for electrics.  Read more here.

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