BaT Strikes Again

Ferry Porsche and the Four-Cam Moter, circa 1957

Ferry Porsche and the Four-Cam Motor, circa 1957

Bring A Trailer, undoubtedly for many of us, is a favorite web destination.  The BaT ( site, whether you are a collector or just a window shopper, is always entertaining and frequently educational.  And if you don’t read the community commentary you are missing half of what it is all about.

From time to time, an astonishing post — whether for the rarity of the vehicle, the audacity of its seller, the humor, the controversy, whatever it may be — makes it onto the BaT pages.  Such might be this restored early Porsche 4-cam engine, said to have been removed from a 1957 Carrera GT and numbered among only 1,700 such engines ever built.

I just checked the eBay listing, and the current bid now stands at this writing at US $136,200.00.

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