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Heel and Toe, Senna-Style

Old friend and former photographic colleague Bill  brings this interesting vid to my attention.  Watch Aryton Senna pilot a NSX (I think that is what it is) in his civvies, right down to his choice of “racing” shoes.  Don’t know … Continue reading

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Another Sunrise Run

Awake early again today …. Along the river, through the national forest …

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More Euro Encounters of the Automotive Kind

Brother Dennis continues his meanderings through Spain and France.  He sends along some pics taken a few hours ago. First, this Cadillac from the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain: Then this storefront in Barcelona: And this engine Dennis tells us was … Continue reading

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Would Be A Nice Drive In A Porsche

Received an email from Brother Dennis today. Reported that he had just concluded an 800+ mile round trip from Barcelona to Nice in the VW Polo rental car shown below. He reported that the Polo was solid and, while not … Continue reading

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The Story of America’s Car Giants

Browse on over to Firestone Tire’s fascinating graphical representation of the history of the car industry and branding at

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Shadows at Sunrise

Arose too early again today, still dark.  Just as well find some country roads, cemeteries and sunrises.  And toss the Blue Rascal around when the traffic is almost nonexistent.  Some fall color is starting to appear, too. Sunrise and shadows. … Continue reading

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Today’s Sighting

Today, the first day for weeks that my knee injury allowed me to walk to work, what did I encounter in a crosswalk but a friendly couple in a somewhat scruffy 944, circa ’84.

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Chasing 944 Sunrises

Awoke while it was still dark this morning, so I grabbed cameras and cranked up the Blue Rascal.    All systems functioning.

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