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While Walking the Dog

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Lanny holds forth in a shop almost at the rural edge of town.  In evidence were various automovia in various states of decay and restoration.  Once inside his shop, you are treated to a veritable museum of artifacts of almost … Continue reading

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The Seat of the Problem

Remember the driver seat issue that arose some time ago, as cited in an earlier post ( Deciding now to do something about it, I sought out Lanny, a car guy/hot-rodder/car customizer, who goes way back.  He specializes in custom … Continue reading

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A Boxster Flirtation

Saturday I spent nearly an hour behind the wheel of a second-gen Boxster (2005 type 987 with the flat six with something like 240-250 hp) with manual gearbox and (standard, I think) 18-inch wheels. Naturally, I had to compare it … Continue reading

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American Dreaming

Here’s the trailer from an upcoming documentary about the previously-unseen work of some Detroit designers who worked in the 1946 – 73 heyday of futuristic car design: Read more on the PBS NewsHour ArtBeat page.

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DD for Herman

A couple of years on, now that it is pretty well sorted, Herman tells me that this sweet little thing is now his daily driver.

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Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman

Watch for it, coming May 22 … And this:

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der blaue Schlingel

In black & white & gray, however …

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Today’s Sighting

Walking the dog along a ball field in a city park this morning, on the wrong side of a chain link fence and across a series of railroad tracks, I see the unmistakable tail feathers of a 944. So I … Continue reading

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Dennis Hoyt Bahrain Update

Earlier tonight Dennis sent me some iPhone photos taken in the “glass tent” during the setup of his exhibit at the Bahrain Grand Prix.  As you know from a previous post, he is in that part of the globe by … Continue reading

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