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Note to future novice automobile electricians

Note to future novice automobile electricians: When installing (I assume) a radar detector, do not pick up power from the 22 ga wires feeding the dome light above the windshield. If you simply cannot help yourself, do not route the … Continue reading

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Now That Wasn’t So Hard, Was It?

The engine in PFKATBR was producing much non-Porsche type vibration. Like rattle the floorboards vibration. Knowing that it had been off the road for a considerable length of time and that it uses hydraulic motor mounts, my first thought was … Continue reading

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The Three Ps.

Today’s project was determining why the low fuel light illuminates with a full tank of fuel. According to the Internet Tubes, this is a common problem easily and more importantly, cheaply rectified. One simply lifts the carpet in the rear, … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Like …

… hearing someone talk about how good your old girlfriend is in bed … Tonight a former colleague, who has probably never experienced anything much more exotic than a Toyota pickup, emailed me to say that he had just been … Continue reading

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Lawrence’s Guide to Buying a 944

As a general proposition, work out how much you would be willing to buy a late model car for on credit.  Figure the max that you could put out as a down payment, then use that amount as the maximum … Continue reading

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A Changing of the Guard

Obligatory glamour shot (Lawrence takes photographs. Jim takes snapshots.): Lawrence has already introduced me better than I would introduce myself so we’ll just leave it at that for now. If you have questions, please ask. The Nine Four Four previously … Continue reading

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