A Little Bit Like …

… hearing someone talk about how good your old girlfriend is in bed …

Tonight a former colleague, who has probably never experienced anything much more exotic than a Toyota pickup, emailed me to say that he had just been out of town on a little business and “… While I was there I saw a Porsche 944 parked in a friend’s driveway that friend tossed me the keys and said you should take it for a ride up Catherine Creek and I did wow was that a blast that was so much fun I feel like I’ve been able to ride where the great people have ridden and been in the same seat that’s been shared by awesome people woohoo what a party what a ride …”

Stay tuned for the next installment of the adventures of the PFKATBR*.

*Porsche Formerly Known As The Blue Rascal

UPDATE 6/3/21: The sender of the email quoted above sent me this explanation this morning:
“Sorry for that weird email…I was so excited I used the speech recognition function to just ramble verbally to compose the email!”

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