Lawrence’s Guide to Buying a 944

From the Blue Rascal Archives: Reflected Landscape #2442

As a general proposition, work out how much you would be willing to buy a late model car for on credit.  Figure the max that you could put out as a down payment, then use that amount as the maximum purchase price, and reserve the amount of what would be your monthly payment for ongoing maintenance, care  and feeding.   Might be a good idea, as I did, to create a special account, money market or whatever, to accommodate and track your monthly reserve which may be needed for the life of your ownership and will help protect you from the crush of unanticipated major future outlays, with any surpluses (or profits?!!) going toward your next P-Car “investment.”  

You will probably never own a 944; it will always own you.  That said, it can be a wonderful driving experience, and with proper attention and investment, quite reliable.  Get one that is well documented, passes the scrutiny of an experienced 944 mechanic/owner and isn’t a victim of years of neglect.

P.S.  Don’t tell one anyone, but even having disposed of the Blue Rascal, I am still subscribed to Bring A Trailer


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