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Saga’s 911

Now that the kids are both making their way into adulthood, wife Kim and I find that we must fill out the time increasingly on our own. Sometimes, like yesterday, this means extended rides, as well as shopping errands, in … Continue reading

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A Look at the 944 NA Engine

Here’s a look at Van Svenson’s semi-stock NA engine used in his racer.

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Is a Porsche 944 Reliable?

That is the question posed in this slightly curious YouTube video: My experience with the Blue Rascal has apparently been much better, although I suspect that the subject’s is an example of deferred maintenance. However, I think the government-supported-by-continuing-tax-revenue analogy … Continue reading

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The Blue Rascal Goes Shopping

Daughter dutifully helps checks air pressure, oil level and general suitability for a quick shopping sprint, as the outside temp has dropped enough to run without (nonexistent) air conditioning.  Runs great, just looks funky …

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Sunroof Repair: 1982 – 86

Pelican Parts has published what appears to be a very useful guide to sunroof repair for 944s from 1982 – 1986.  As you may recall, I retrofitted my defective sunroof for manual operation, but may have done otherwise if I … Continue reading

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Upon Meeting Zola

Living here in the backwater affords few opportunities for encounters in the flesh, up close & personal, of even mildly exotic equipment like the new generation C-7.  I was photographing her Stingray during my morning walk when the jovial, grandmotherly … Continue reading

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