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More 1969 Discoveries

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A Man in a Car & Some Local Scenery

Jim  drops by unexpectedly yesterday.  What’s a 200-mile interstate impulse drive when you’re retired and driving a fine(-ish) car?

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Discoveries (1969)

Looking through storage boxes in my studio, mostly untouched and unseen for fifty or more years:

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Photography Lesson, er … Diatribe

Finally, some photography of a 944 by someone who knows what he/she/they is/are doing.  Here is an example of, imho, the best view of the styling of the 944 (although I might have done some details slightly differently)… Many … Continue reading

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1969 Discoveries

Found these today while browsing my ancient photo archives and storage boxes:

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A Past in Paris (1983, Remembering Bill)

In going through my box of letters and whatnot from recently-deceased friend Bill (see this post), today I find some clippings he sent to me from the Thursday June 30, 1983 edition of a newspaper in Paris where he lived … Continue reading

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Bill, R.I.P. (automotive version)

My dear long-time friend and former partner/collaborator in photography and art has passed.  He deserves mention in this setting as we shared enthusiasm for motorsports and interesting automobiles.  Bill had a side gig designing, fabricating and repairing race car bodies … Continue reading

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TPW146 (1968)

Digging into the archives again this morning; found some more old photographs of The Pumpkin aka my once-owned 1966 Porsche 911.

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Parts Bin Engineering

A nice find by jrasite:

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Silverlake, 1969

Stumbled across this old one today.  When I lived on the edge of Silverlake in Los Angeles with TPW146 (aka The Pumpkin), my 1966 911 …

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