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Insulation Removal Progress

Up early this morning, even before the accursed leaf blowers and lawn mowers were started by overzealous neighbors, I was able to quickly strip out the disintegrating foam insulation.  Took all of fifteen minutes and brought it down to remaining … Continue reading

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Crap and Crud, Disgust and Dismay

The other day I discover that my shabby under hood insulation is crumbling and is now occasionally depositing bits onto the engine.  So I need to take action on this right away.  My research starts, as usual, with Clark’s Garage … Continue reading

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die Motor / le moteur

Opened the hood and took a look.  My idea was to start detailing — well, cleaning up a bit — the engine and its home.  But I discovered a project that may take precedence.  Coming up soon.

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944 GTS

Never knew such a model existed?  Well … maybe it will before long if one Jason Gonzalez has his way.  Read on.

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Country Shopping with Ivi

Blew it last night and missed the chance for an early evening wash job.  So no cleanup has taken place since the radiator swap.  But Ivi suggests a countryside romp today in search of roadside fruit stands.  Didn’t have that … Continue reading

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Crazy Days

Yep, that’s what it’s called.  And this local celebration features a car show I was commissioned to help document.  See some pics: Gallery A Gallery B  

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So I Meet This Guy …

Mark.  Seems that in a former life he raced dirt track sprint cars.  Our meeting came at a recent, more inauspicious time.  This was when he drove the tow truck we summoned from the Middle of Outer Nowhere — actually only … Continue reading

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Out With The Old, In With The New

This is the upshot of the recently fated trip of the Blue Rascal.  A new radiator, FedEx’d from Pelican Parts, now replaces the leaking one you see here.  Sorry, no r&r pics. And I have now had a chance to … Continue reading

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An E-Type in the Wild

Herman, now a convert to the practice of the Art of Windshield Photography, sends along this freeway sighting on his way to a round of golf.  

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Thinking Differently in Saudi Arabia

Friend Bill brings this to my attention:

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