Country Shopping with Ivi

Blew it last night and missed the chance for an early evening wash job.  So no cleanup has taken place since the radiator swap.  But Ivi suggests a countryside romp today in search of roadside fruit stands.  Didn’t have that much luck — did find some plucots and berries at a farmers market, though — but Ivi got to do almost all the driving, as Dad’s bad and worsening knee precluded his behind-the-wheel time.  As a passenger, I could focus my attention on a different than usual range of behaviors and factors.  I come away from this trip realizing that I need to dig into the passenger side door and make some window adjustments.  But otherwise the Blue Rascal behaved very nicely, and Ivi did a very decent job of piloting.  Hotter than hell, but I know that summertime and driving ops will disappear in no time at all.


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