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Over the Mountains to Jason’s Shop

Arising early this morning to launch what would become a 206 mile trip through the national forest and a ski area, I drove the twisties to meet up with Jason.  (Fortunately, his shop is air conditioned, and the 90+ outside … Continue reading

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Foothills and Valley

Up before dawn this morning, mostly driving around the valley and the foothills.    

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Electric 944 Update

Electric 944 recently posted a very informative post about experiences so far with converting a 944 to electrical power (recall our previous posts?), particularly in terms of AC vs. DC.  Read about it here:

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This morning Eric shot primer over the fixes so far: Three little dings in the hood Replaced both front fenders, a black one near-perfect on the left, one straightened and smoothed on the right (an earlier fitted left fender — which … Continue reading

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Little By Little

Gradually making some progress in removing imperfections in the Blue Rascal’s skin. Stay tuned.

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Dennis, Post-Bahrain

I’m nearly a week late on getting this post out.  Dennis Hoyt sends along more photos from the Bahrain Grand Prix, showing his exhibit display tent and his presentation to Bernie Eccelstone and the Crown Prince of Bahrain. See this and … Continue reading

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