This morning Eric shot primer over the fixes so far:

  • Three little dings in the hood
  • Replaced both front fenders, a black one near-perfect on the left, one straightened and smoothed on the right (an earlier fitted left fender — which I used for “learning” purposes and had run for months after prep and gray primer — was removed as it was from a pre-85.5 and did not have matching brackets for the fender liner, although it otherwise fit perfectly, but now will head for Craigslist or eBay)
  • A couple of small dings on the right rear flank
  • Left side rocker panel crease
  • Semi-major pie-sized dent on the left flank below the rear quarter window

To do:

  • A slight depression in the rear roof, apparently incurred when the sunroof was assaulted during the PO era (read Background paragraph on this post)
  • Right side rocker panel crease
  • A tiny dimple on the underside of the bottom right rear wheel opening

And finally …  prep the whole thing for repaint in the factory Copenhagen Blue (LY5B).  But that is a ways off, hence, the sealed primer to protect things to allow use until the wherewithal for these latters steps is mustered.



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