A Visit From Jim

Jim A. (aka jamesa) drove in today from Outer Oregon.  We spent a few delightful hours catching up on life events, comparing health-related and other notes, discussing the pluses and minuses of our respective computing scenarios (I’ll let him tell you about his new Mac M2) and, of course, talking Porsche.   At some point, we started scouting shooting locations but soon ran out of time before we could find optimum lighting situations to give the new Copenhagen Blau finish its due.  But we got in a few warmup images and will look to additional shoots in the future when both the car and your narrator are more fully prepared.   Here are a few examples from the afternoon; more may follow soon.  And there are new features — like the Porsche script door handles — and fixes that have been added and yet others are still in the works.   I’ve suggested that Jim do some speech-to-text updates to keep us all informed here.  – lawrence

P.S.  We’re now running this site from a new host, and some growing pains are in evidence.  For example, you may have return to the gallery display of images each time after you tap or click a thumbnail to expand the view, rather than being able to scroll or swipe your way through them.  Working on it.

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