A Ghetto GoPro

Kind of a redneck solution to an on-car cam.  This morning I removed my sunroof, attached a point & shoot Nikon Coolpix P71000 to a Gorillapod, sat it all on a chunk of foam, crisscrossed it with gaffers tape, and tethered the camera with paracord.  Set it to video mode and started driving around town and up a canyon road until the pavement ran out. Then I dropped by Eric’s shop to show the rig off.  Well, it sorta works.  The vid is actually fairly good quality, but it could definitely use some stabilization.  The deal-breaker is that I have no external mic for the camera, so the wind noise defeats the sweet sounds of the 2.5L NA engine.  May post some of the videos once I strip out the audio track (almost defeats the purpose).  Maybe I have to go for a more suitable GoPro scenario after all.

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