Do You Drive A Blue One?

bmw_7The Wall Street Journal reports that two studies, corroborating some  “conventional wisdom”, offer statistical evidence that BMW drivers, especially of blue cars, are … jerks. Read more here.

Funny, the guys at Top Gear have been saying this for years, too.

Well, I just happen to know of some jerks that drive Porsches, too.  And even Priuses.  And let me add that BMW-driving friend Herman is a down-to-earth, unpretentious, generous, warm and all-around good guy!

Going slightly off-topic here: Digging back for some far-distant memories, I recall the era when I got my first Porsche, when approaching Porsche drivers dipped their headlights at each other, and often stopped for a friendly note-comparison session.  It wasn’t long before that all changed.  When my landlord hit it big in the TV industry — this was when I lived in Los Angeles, specifically Venice Beach — he ran out and bought a new 911.  When I attempted to discuss the subject with him, not only did it become obvious that he really knew next to nothing about the car, but he was dismissive and condescending.  I was driving an old Alfa at the time, and he treated my statement of having once owned a 911 as though it wasn’t even credible.  Anyway … let’s live in the present.  Just drive defensively.

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