Peaches and Porsche

So this morning, nearly at the crack of dawn, the whole family takes off in the Pathfinder to catch Jason and retrieve the P-Car.  As we have already traveled almost 100 miles, we press on in our little convoy another 60 miles to a pick-it-yourself farm.   Negotiating dust and mud, we put the 944’s off road prowess to the test, carefully and slowly escorting the ‘Finder to the peach orchard of choice.  Then the men, having discharged their Hunter role, flee to the pavement and make a 2 hour return trip through rolling hills and mountains, sans sunroof, and leave mother and daughter to their Gatherers role.   Now they have returned home with incredible bounty by the boxfuls, and it will soon be time for me to give attention to the cosmetic needs of the now-beautifully-performing Nine-Four-Four.

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