Suzuki vs. Porsche

Okay, I do like Porsches.  But I also like Minis, especially early generation Minis.  I remember well my first late night encounter with one on a Hollywood Freeway off-ramp in my indiscreet, injudicious youth when it showed its taillights to my 911.  Later on, I had an unforgettable ride in one that had been race-prepared, then returned to street-legal status.  These days, it seems that an interesting mod, engine swap, really, to make for your Mini is to install a 1300 cc Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle inline four in place of the Mini’s engine.  Lighter weight and much more power potential sound compelling.  After all, in Suzuki bike form the Hayabusa was, and may still be, considered the world’s fastest production motorcycle, capable of nearly 190mph.  Google for Hayabusa or search on YouTube and you will undoubtedly find all sorts of unique applications using this powerplant — including a conversion kit for, get this, Smart cars.  Take a look at this slightly strange Porsche vs. Mini/Hayabusa contest.

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