The Matter of the Console Compartment

Herman tells me that today he refurbished his console compartment to improve its appearance and to reduce the clatter from loose objects inside.  This is an area I have overlooked in favor of other seemingly more pressing issues, like a front-end alignment, heater fix, vacuum leak, and so on (all fixed now!).  However, in comparing notes with Herman, it becomes apparent that we are confronted with different situations in this matter.  Read on.

Herman’s Console

Open and Closed Views – After Applying Naughahyde To The Lid, Inside and Out



Note the latch or button on the driver’s side of the lid near the forward edge. Ok?

My Console

Well, I have no such button or latch. Seems to be broken off.



Matter of fact, I have to use a coin or knifeblade or key to press inward to open the console lid’s latch:


Furthermore, I don’t have a flat tray like Herman, but a useless folding cassette tape affair instead.


Yes, it does appear that my latch has been broken off, but it is hard to get a good look at it tonight in near darkness. I can see that there seems to be some felt-like material on the underside of the lid, perhaps in pretty good shape.





Let’s pop out the ashtray and see if that gives me access to whatever needs to be done to remove my lid and tray — and maybe replace the cassette holders with a Herman-like flat tray. UPDATE: In the daylight, I could see that the cassette dividers were flimsy, flexible slivers of plastic that could be simply popped out, leaving a flat tray. Took all of four seconds!


Now I can see some screws and wiring for the ashtray light, so I know where to begin at another time, when the light is better and the timing is more opportune.


But before I leave for dinner, let’s look at my nasty shift lever/knob/cover while we’re at it.



Heck, if I am going to replace the shift knob and cover, maybe I should also get a replacement shifter and a short-throw shift kit from, while I’m at it.

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