The Morning Traffic Report

This morning, as is my custom when traveling with the family, I arise early for a little walkabout, camera in hand.  So I hear the roar of traffic and discover that a freeway immediately passes the rear of the motel, separated by a chain link fence.  Taking up position at a one of the few semi-clear, brush-free vantage points, I point toward the incoming.  To get some sense of movement, I use a fairly slow shutter, but not too slow as I am hand-holding and don’t have a stable position.

First, to give you a sense of place:

20130901-DSC_0007Then I spot an utterly lovely old Type 109 LandRover, in the fast lane, yet.

20130901-DSC_0011Oooohh, let’s have a closer look.

20130901-DSC_0011-2Gotta see this thing even closer …

20130901-DSC_0011-3Next up, is that possibly an old Austin Mini Countryman?

20130901-DSC_0018Let’s take a closer look on this one, too:

20130901-DSC_0018-2My god, I believe I might be seeing an old TR6.


Gotta get another peek at this.

Lots of Mercs in the traffic this morning, but this one looks particularly evil.

My battery is nearly exhausted at this point, and so is my compact flash card, but maybe I have enough for just one more.

Holy crap!  What a stunner this old Jag is.  And it’s a driver!

20130901-DSC_0063So there you have it.  The Brits rule the day.  Absolutely no Porsches were sighted in this outing.  Of course, the tarmac was rife with Hondas, Hyundais and the like.  Lots of me-too BMWs, too.  A good number of Audis.  Some ricers/tuner cars.   Many current gen Minis as well.  But what you see above were definitely the Autos of Interest for this morning.


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