Another Morning Traffic Report

Taking up where I left off on September 1st, two days ago we visited Ivi for the weekend, staying in the same motel adjoining a freeway.  While I could devote only about three minutes to the task, I resumed my traffic watch.

First, my initial “practice” shot yielded the only decent take of the bunch, albeit with an utterly uninspiring, uninteresting and unintended subject vehicle, a Pontiac Grand Am:

20131005-DSC_0070The only other sightings of any interest whatsoever were two- and three-wheelers:

Abandoning the project to join the family, I found myself forced to photograph from the back seat, grabbing stuff like this AMG Mercedes:

On the freeway, we see a sweet little 2002tii … even was running the same Yokohamas that the Blue Rascal wears:

And later on that evening, from the same back seat vantage point, but this time with moving traffic, a 370Z:



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