Saturday At Jason’s

We zip over the mountain to Jason’s house, where we attack the long-overdue issue of the malfunctioning sunroof.  I look in on one of Jason’s personal project cars, a VW Syncro restomod in progress.  I failed to get a decent photo of its to-be-installed late VW-Audi turbo motor sitting nearby, spit-polish clean and said to be capable of well over 220 hp.  Working in a driveway, we are rained out, but are able to relocate to the garage of a friendly neighbor whose own shop sports an amazing array of several hundred beverage bottles and other interesting decor elements.  On the way home, rain and a skiff of snow accompany us.

The sunroof event/extravaganza itself will be the subject of an upcoming post, as will be Jason’s recent action taken on the dash electricals and instrument cluster, so stay tuned.


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