As Time Goes By


What’s to love about a 944? While handling, and particularly the transcendental steering,  certainly has to be at the top of the list, one of my favorites would be the seating position, the seats, the ergonomics in general.

The cloth seats of the Blue Rascal look pretty good, are very comfortable, but see what has happened. The driver’s side bolster was intact eight months ago. Now the piping is broken and small slits and abrasions are showing at the bottom corner. I do not know how to fix this one. Probably impossible to find Porsche-logo fabric to do a wholesale reupholster job. Should I try to track down some new(er)/better seats? Lot$ to deal with for a small flaw like this. But it is bound to become only worse. Maybe I will revert to an old school (probably contemporaneous fashion of the time) approach and get some sheepskins in the meantime.  Damn.

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