The Blue Rascal Meets White Snow

Seven degrees and windy.  Too cold to work in Eric’s shop this morning.  But the wind seems to be exposing asphalt on the roadway, so maybe it’s a good time to warm up all systems, after being ensconced in a cozy garage during the week’s weather.  No problem, or so it seems, as it is so easy to drive the car with the right foot.  Then — ironically but luckily, on the very last sprint up the home block — moving nearer the curb to accommodate approaching traffic, we slip off into a slightly drifted three or four or maybe six inches and it is curtains.  But Mama is near by and she provides the rear corner grunt to get us back on the roadway and safely into the garage again.  Should have known there was a reason that the Yokos are designated “high performance summer” tires — they are like hockey pucks in these conditions …  On the other hand, the heater is simply amazing (thanks to Jason’s fix last spring).  I was toasty in no time, and had to keep the controls at relatively moderate settings!

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