Another Forgotten Porsche

A nice look at another often-looked Porsche model.  We 944 owners can relate a bit.

A few years after I bought my ’66 911, a co-worker, Gene, caught Porsche fever and acquired a new 914 and promptly crashed it.  I think it was a 1.7 model, which I admit I regarded at the time as only slightly elevated over a VW.  (My co-worker had been considering a Karmann Ghia before he lit upon the 914.)  Some years later — after I no longer owned the 911 — I had occasion to ride on Angeles Crest Highway with a fellow who had an autocross-prepared, rollbar-equipped and somewhat modified 2.0 914 that was noisy, rough-riding in the extreme, but felt like it weighed nothing and seemed like it was born for canyon-carving.  I briefly entertained the notion of finding a 914-6 after that, but nothing came of it.  But I do have my photographs of Gene’s destroyed 914 somewhere …

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