Another Saturday Morning at Eric’s

Dropping in to Eric’s body shop this morning, I see Jim’s restomod Chevy truck being towed out to the next chapter in its development, then we get a look at Dennis’ Stirling Moss sculpture in process.  This tribute piece is headed for the art exhibit in conjunction with the annual Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance that Dennis is invited to each year.  The piece for Stirling Moss — yes, he is still alive, well into his 80s now — is smaller than many of Dennis’ sculptures but, as usual, is carved and formed from wood and will be painted instead of his usual practice of dyeing.  If you squint and look carefully at the components hanging in the paint booth, you might be able to recognize the front end of Stirling’s 300SLR, albeit highly abstracted.  Hope to get some “real” photos of the piece when it is finished.

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