A 928 By-The-Sea: Dead in the Water

Tonight, wife and I watched a rather good BBC Scottish crime drama series called Shetland (after the Shetland Islands of Scotland).  In the first few minutes (season 02/episode 03), we see a yellow, phonedial-equipped 928 moving through the stunning landscape, only to end up on the rocks at the side of the sea.  My partner thought it was hilarious that I expressed a degree of horror at the fate of the car.  (I see that the commentary on the Pistonheads forum suggests that the original yellow car was replaced by a silver clunker resprayed yellow for the crash scenes.)  Anyway, here are some of my screen grabs:

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  1. lawrence says:

    In answer to a question just raised, the crime scene examiner shown in some of these pics is Nina Sosanya, an excellent Nigerian-British actress we have seen in many BBC dramas, from “Doctor Who” to “Last Tango in Halifax”.

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