An OktoberFAST Sunday

Yesterday I drove the Blue Rascal to a shopping mall outside of Boise, ID, where the PCA Silver Sage Region was staging its OktoberFAST car show, said to include about 140 vehicles of the Porsche marque. Whereupon I found only three front-engined machines — an ‘85.5 944 NA, an ’86 951 and a ’93 968… see below.  (Oh, wait I did see a couple of Macans and a Cayenne …)

The Rascal performed perfectly and averaged 30.3 mpg for the nearly 400-mile round trip, mostly at an indicated 80 mph (Idaho has stretches of 80mph-posted freeway, where most of the traffic moves at 85 – 90, so I was obliged to stay with the pack, of course).  As time permits, I will try to post  photos of some of the other 100-plus, mostly 911,  cars I saw.


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