On The Matter of Flares

BaT (Bring a Trailer, or bringatrailer.com) poses a weekly question.  Recently, the Question of the Week was “What car has the best fender flares?”  Among the winning answers (subjectively awarded, apparently, on the basis of enthusiasm, creativity or whatever it was about the answer that appealed to the BaT judges) was this entry from user Nicolas:


“Multiple votes for the 944. What people haven’t mentioned yet, is their brilliant visual aspect for the driver: when looking through the rear view mirror, the driver would see road in one half of his mirror and nothing but flare in the other half. Grin-triggering levels of Feng Shui.”

Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite Performance Wagon?

(photographer unknown; BaT User Nicolas?)

And I realized that Nicolas really had a point.  This led me to start digging through my photographic archives to assemble my collection of such views, as I have also admired the ever-present trailing composition around my side mirror from behind the wheel.  I know that I have to have dozens of these views.  If I can find a good selection, I may post them on my 944 Pinterest board.  Or maybe I will just start a new photography project on this theme.  Here happens to be one of the latest.

© lawrence hathaway / 944folly.com

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