Off-Road With A 911 SC

(Road and Track photo)

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The Hagerty $500 Porsche 911S

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Herman’s 911 Sunset

Herman sends along this photograph he made while he and his wife were cruising in the Carrera S (barely visible) on Highway 71.

(photo by Herman Kirkpatrick, 911 owner)

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Happy Birthday, Stirling Moss!

In an astonishing coincidence, this morning as I was sorting through my old photographic archives, I came upon this photograph that I had resurrected about twenty years ago by scanning and attempting to (barely) repair an old (marked either 1966 or 1976) color slide that had been wildly underexposed.  Not sure which racing event this would have been — it was certainly in California, either at Riverside or perhaps Laguna Seca — but it would have been when they still allowed civilians inside the pits.  (My friend jamesa just might have an idea on this.)  Wondering how old Stirling was, or if he was even still alive, I made an online search and discovered that today is his 90th birthday!

Stirling Moss? (2nd from left) © lawrence hathaway photography

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Remembering the Type 64

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Phone Dial Rascality

The Blue Rascal – July 20, 2019 © lawrence hathaway photography

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Kopenhagen Blau (aka copenhagenblau aka LY5B)

Aha!  The Blue Rascal is now represented as an example of Copenhagen Blue at Rennbow, the Porsche color wiki with image #3186, as below:

This screen grab is based on a very old image, of course, captured pre- hinterer mittlerer Reflektor (aka heckblende) removal and other bodywork.

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Warmup Drive For The Blue Rascal

Rain all night and this morning, but when it clears I take the ‘Rascal for a little solo  exercise through local agricultural country.  Some in-motion documentation — not a Best Practice.  Don’t encourage your kids to do such things.

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Tuesday this machine zipped by as I was walking to my workspace.  Followed the turn I could see the car took a couple of blocks away, and … voila (albeit without a sign of its driver).  Unwashed, but with the honorable evidence of having been driven.  Would like to reshoot the car under less horrible blazing sun, but, anyway …  By the way, today I learn that this 1972 911T is named Barney and its owner describes it as an autocross warrior.  We will be following developments.

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A Blast (Ouch!) From The Past (1969)

Today, while clearing out the detritus that is most of my photographic history, I stumbled upon this reminder of a heart-stopping moment in 1969, when I came upon my parked cover-bedecked 911 and saw a … Point of Contact.  LA streets.  Included a rear view as a consolation.

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