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Lobster Claws in the Ninety-Eight-Degree Heat

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Found From 1969

Here are just a few old photographs I found today, most buried for the past almost 50 years in my archives.  First, my 911:

Then, a few others observed while driving about, going to shows or watching racing events (I seem to have many long-lost racing action pics, which I will try to sort out over time):

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Nurburgring, 1962 with Hermann Lang

From a BaT inspiration series piece:

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Parked on Palouse

While talking my daily walk this morning, a Boxster S appeared a couple of blocks from home …


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An Earlier Time, an Earlier Bugatti

Ran across this variation on one of my old, all-time favorites today, so I posted it to the Snakebit tumblr.  Here is the version that is closer to the original, depicting Raymond Mays in a Bugatti Type 13 Brescia. at the 1924 Shelsley-Walsh Mountain Race.

And on a related note …

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The Ultimate 959?

Read about the 959SC right here.

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Catch ‘Em When You Can

My first 911 spotting in the wild in motion in the new neighborhood.  Don’t tell my kids or any others I should be an example for, but … caught from behind the wheel of my wife’s rolling truck, one-handed grab with a DSLR, no time to focus or even get anywhere near the viewfinder.  Would have done better with the cellphone (not within reach).

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Art Car Parade

Herman sends along this sighting today from Houston:

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Almost a Plethora of Porsche

This past Saturday I joined my wife to exercise our dog-beast, hoping to beat the looming rain. As she drove through a downtown street on the way to the park, suddenly a number of Porsches appeared streetside within the space of less than a block. I leaped from the car with my ever-present camera and dashed along the sidewalks in all of seven or eight minutes as my spouse not-so-patiently waited near the light.   Literally shot on the run.  No owners/drivers were present to explain the congregation, but as two or three wine tasting rooms are present on that block, I suspect something Bacchanalian (and would have gladly offered my services as designated driver) …

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