Jim Gets The Bug

jim_66_beetle_IMG_0101Returning to work this morning after a seemingly-protracted illness, Jim greeted me with a large grin and a screen full of pictures.  Behold, his latest project.

Seems that a few years ago, Jim spotted a ’66 Beetle in a neighborhood lot. He made a discreet inquiry, and left his nunber in the event that the owner should ever wish to sell. Well, this week, Jim got that call — and learned that all he had to do was show up and take it home.

The thing features a mild dent in a door occasioned by herding cows, and a small fender gash that the owner had long forgotten. Jim is especially keen on the original ski rack which is destined to hold a pair of antique wood skis Jim happens to have. Inspect this photo at full size and you will see along the running board and front fender seam what I first thought might be rust. But, no, that is … moss.

The Beetle’s history is unusual.  Jim is now the second owner. Replete with original documents and other provenance (including eyewitness owner accounts), the vehicle was purchased new for a schoolteacher’s commute, and only put out to pasture when a new car was acquired, not because of malfunction.  

Jim’s immediate plan is to tidy up the interior, get it running and apply clear coat to preserve it in its present state, patina and all.

Learn more about Jim here.

We must support our friends. They will likely take us further than our cars ever will.

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