Porsche Appreciation

ClassicCars.com’s blog reports on last week’s Gooding & Company auto auction in Phoenix (Scottsdale, to be more specific) and the continued astonishing rise in prices for Porsches, including the once-lowly 912. Of course, the 944 species seemed to be absent from all proceedings.

Fortunately, I never acquired my 944 in anticipation of market appreciation. Its value is both a curse and a godsend. I certainly cannot imagine a better handling or more comfortable-driving vehicle at the low price of entry. But residing in the depths of the market means that it is a challenge to find a good one at a decent price, as so many have been apparent bargains picked up by people (sorry, kids) without the means or commitment to do the right thing by them — keep up the care and maintenance. Not an inordinate task if you don’t start with an abuse or neglect case.

Maybe twenty years on, perhaps a bit less, a halfway decent 944 will be worth a bit. Who knows?

Anyway, here’s Bob Golfen writeup on ClassicCars.com.

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