2015 Portland Auto Show – Part One

Sneaking off for a couple of hours during a trip to visit our daughter — on my wife’s birthday, yet — I got some face time with Portland’s annual automotive marketing extravaganza.

Shall we start with Porsche?

Returning to this venue after an absence of a few years, Porsche showed up with a Boxster S, a Cayman GTS, a 911 Turbo S, a Cayenne and a Macan S.  I’m not a fan of the Cayenne, and I was surprised to find that the Macan was surprisingly appealing to me in my first encounter.  But it was the Cayman that would make my fantasy shopping list, from all of them.  However, the GTS’ optioned-out price tag of just under $100K had me thinking in terms of how many 944s, nicely rebuilt at that, such a sum would get me.

Most disappointing of all was the difficult lighting scenario.  I never could get the white balance right, with such strange mixed lighting with three distinct color temperatures in play at once.  Anyway, a little documentation, with more to follow:

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