2015 Portland Auto Show – Part Two

Leaving the Porsche exhibit behind, I found a number of other distractions.  Said to be the show’s most valuable individual vehicles, a Bugatti Veyron and a 1955 M-B 300SL made an appearance.  The former seemed to be the crowd favorite, but the latter was mine.

A number of local speed shops and performance houses weighed in, showing delicacies like tuner Aston-Martins, Jaguar F-types, AMGs, several GTRs in both street and race tune, Subaru rally cars, vintage racing machines representing the worlds of drag racing, SCCA competition, killer bikes of all descriptions and good old fashioned hot rods.  Not to mention a matte black Bentley and a slammed Rolls.  Time was precious and I hardly gave the great number of trucks (except for the Land Rover exhibit) and most Detroit stuff a second glance.  (Call me a biased snob, okay.)

My biggest disappointment was the no-show of any Alfa-Romeo 4C representation.

Another car made my favorites list as a potential “affordable” practical driver and 944 stablemate — the Golf GTI.  I must drive one soon as it looked good up close, felt good in static mode behind the wheel, and didn’t seem as cheaply put together as many others in that pricing spectrum.  And the Audis appealed, even the A3.  So, herewith …

And stay tuned for more …

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